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30/60/90/120/150k Mile Check Up - vehicle specific recommendations in 30k mile intervals

A La Carte Maintenance
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Oil Change - Single most important service to have done to your vehicle

Tire Rotations - Lengthens life of tires

Brake Inspections - Avoid larger, more costly brake jobs

Transmission Service - Maintains performance of transmission

Coolant Flush - Cools engine for longer life and higher performance

Fuel Filters - Cleans fuel, need for proper fuel pump performance

Air Filters - Affect air fuel mixture of engine-need for optimal performance

Windshield Wipers

Cabin Air Filters - Filters air inside vehicle

Spark Plugs/Tune Up Affects fuel economy and overall wellness of engine

Differential Fluids/Axle Fluids - Properly maintain driving axles

A/C Inspections -To help prevent large A/C repairs

Fuel Economy Recommendations - To get better gas mileage

Power Steering Flush Prevents power steering pump failure

Brake Fluid Flush Maintains optimal braking performance and prevents damage to brake system

Safety/DOT/State/Winter/Spring Inspections

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