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New Location in New Berlin

Service Instructions for City Center

We have 4 different types of services we offer.

  • Emergency Service (Flat Tires, Dead Batteries, Jump Start,etc)
  • Scheduled On-Site Vehicle Repairs (See our On-Site MENU for options)
  • Drop off Service with Free Vehicle Delivery when done.  Drive it in or have the tow truck driver drop your vehicle off at 1595 South 38th Street Milwaukee WI 53215  We'll drop it off to you when it's done.

1st Time Users:
1. Scroll down to Request Service, and choose the services you would like performed on your vehicle.
2. Fill out the information form and submit.
3. A response will be sent to your e-mail account confirming your service request and your date of service.

Request Service Options
Sign Up (if you don't need service but would like to submit your info. to our database for future service, click here)

Emergency Service
My vehicle does not start.....
My tire is flat.....
I Need Someone To Look At My Vehicle.....

Preventive Maintenance
Oil Changes  /  Tire Rotations  /  Brake Inspections  /  Transmission Filters
Coolant Exchanges  /  Fuel Filters  /  And Others.....

Scheduled On-Site Vehicle Repairs
Starters  /  Alternators  /  Tune Ups  /  Shocks / Struts  /  Ball Joints
Tie Rod Ends  /  Batteries  /  Belts  /  And Much More.....

Drop Off Vehicle Repairs
Simply call 262.289.9392 during work hours.

If you can not find a service you believe we offer, please call our office
at 262.289.9392 or email

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New Berlin
2350 S. Commerce Dr,
New Berlin, WI 53151
262.289.9392 (8-5)
414.482.0796 (8-5)


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